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Reciprocal License Information

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Reciprocal License Information

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Exam Information
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How to obtain an Arkansas Reciprocal CPA License

How do I apply? 

You can apply for a reciprocal license through our website, through the following link: and Select the “Reciprocal CPA license” option.

What will I need to submit to the Board as part of my application?

To obtain an Arkansas reciprocal CPA license, you will need to hold a current license from another state.  Send us a copy of your current license or a screenshot from the website of your home state.  We will also need the following information:

A) A color copy of a government issued ID (Driver’s License, passport, etc.)

B) CPA Exam scores proving successful completion of the exam sent directly to us from the Board of Accountancy of your home state. Authorization For Interstate Exchange – PDF

C) Certificates or transcripts documenting the completion of 40 hours of CPE earned within the last full calendar year or 120 hours earned over the previous three full calendar years.

D) A completed experience affidavit, documenting at least one year of experience.  The experience must consist of at least 2,000 hours of work and be signed by another licensed CPA – this CPA does not have to be your direct supervisor. Experience Affidavit – PDF

E) Completed background check information.

F)  College transcripts 

Is there another option if I do not meet the CPE or experience requirements above?

Yes, an alternative exists for reciprocal license applicants.  You can obtain a report from NASBA’s National Qualification Appraisal Service which states that your CPA qualifications are substantially equivalent to the CPA licensure requirements of the AICPA/ NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act.  The cost for this service is $250 and is paid to NASBA, not the Arkansas Board of Accountancy.

Note that if you choose this option, you are still required to undergo a state and federal background check and send in a color copy of a government issued ID.

If you have any questions about this process please contact our Licensing Specialist Kathrine Stone at 501-682-5532 or Email Kathrine Stone.

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