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Filing a Complaint


The complaint process is in place to handle disputes that cannot be resolved through a normal course of business. Our staff will review the circumstances leading up to the complaint, determine whether any statute or rule has been violated then if so take action which may result in a consent agreement or a disciplinary hearing.

As a vehicle owner, insurance company or lien holder it may be possible for you to receive money back if it is determined that you were overcharged or if the vehicle was towed without the proper authorization or there was no notice following the tow. In addition civil penalties may be imposed against a tow company of up to $5,000.00 for each violation for which they are found guilty.

Before you file a complaint talk to the owner of the tow company. Make sure you are talking to a person that can help resolve your problem or answer your questions.

Claim your vehicle as soon as you can. Don’t let your car sit in storage while you argue about the invoice. That is a bad choice. Getting your vehicle out of the storage facility will stop the charges.

There are some personal property items you can get out of a vehicle that has been impounded at no cost to you. (This does not apply to vehicles that have been repossessed) A tow company must return (i) Personal or legal documents; (ii) Medications; (iii) Child-restraint seating; iv) Wallets or purses and the contents of such; (v) Prescription eyeglasses; (vi) Prosthetics; (vii) Cell phones; (viii) Photographs; and (ix) Books.

If that does not work call the ATRB office and speak with one of our trained investigators. While it is not our job to encourage or discourage your filing a complaint often time if we are involved in the process early on a formal complaint can be avoided. That is always the fastest and easiest solution for all parties.

When all else fails, file a complaint. Simply submit the Complaint Form to our office. Once the complaint is logged in one of our investigators will go to work.

  • To file a complaint you must have a vested interest in the vehicle. You must be the registered vehicle owner, the lien holder or an insurance company paying a claim.
  • Fill out the form completely with as much detail as you can remember.
  • Be honest. An invoice and on-scene dash cams used by law enforcement tell a lot of the story.
  • Add names of any witnesses you may have.
  • Include on-scene photographs or drawings you may have with the Complaint Form.
  • Make certain your contact information is correct.
  • Make sure you understand you may be asked to testify if the case is complex.
  • If you have a question you are encouraged to call the ATRB office.

Remember it is your vehicle and your personal property. You have to be the one in any complaint resolution. You MUST have proof that the vehicle belongs to YOU. YOU must be able to prove you are who you say you are, a driver’s license or other form or picture ID works best.

Towing Complaint Form

You MUST have proof that the vehicle belongs to YOU. YOU must be able to prove you are who you say you are, a driver’s license or other form or picture ID works best.

Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board Complaint Form

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MM slash DD slash YYYY
Relation to Tow:

Respondent Information

Tow Company Address

Complainant Information

Complainant Address
Witness Address

Vehicle Information

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