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CPA Exam

CPA Exam

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Exam Information
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CPA Exam Application

CPA Exam Requirements

Arkansas’s qualifications to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination are simple.  You must have a Bachelor’s Degree, thirty hours upper level Accounting, and thirty hours in Business, other than Accounting.  Accounting and Business classes must be completed with a grade of “C” or above.  

The Accounting classes must cover the following 6 topics:

  •  Financial Accounting (Intermediate Acct.)
  •  Management Accounting (Cost Acct.) 
  •  Governmental or Not-for-Profit Accounting (Institutional Acct.) 
  •  Federal Taxation (Adv. Income Tax or Fundamentals of Taxation)
  •  Auditing and Attestation
  •  Accounting Information Systems

Read Board Rule 3 for additional information concerning testing and requirements.

CPA Exam Application

Be sure to read the Instructions for Application before completing the online Exam Application

Request each school attended send an official transcript directly to our office via mail or secure server.  Send in a clear color copy of your government issued identification and fill out the online application.

Allow 4 weeks after all documentation has been received for processing.  You will be contacted via e-mail if additional documents are needed.  Once your application has been approved you will receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS) via e- mail from NASBA.  After you receive your NTS, go to the   Prometric website to schedule your test.

If you took classes outside the U.S. you will need to order a Comprehensive Evaluation from a foreign transcript evaluation service.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the question concerning being accused of a felony e-mail us a statement detailing what happened and have the court send us documentation verifying the charge (dispensation).

If you have passed one or more sections of the test under another state’s jurisdiction you will need to complete the Interstate Exchange of Examination and Licensure Information Form in addition to the initial Exam Application.

For more information, including the Candidate Bulletin and practice tests, visit the AICPA Exam page or the NASBA Exam page.

Have new contact information? Send the Exam Specialist an e- mail.

Click on one of these links to find your College Code or the ADA Modification Request Form.

Passed the CPA Exam – Success!

Once you have passed all four sections of the exam you will receive a letter from the Executive Director congratulating you on your accomplishment.  You will also receive an e-mail from the Licensing Coordinator with a link to the online License Application.  This may take 1-2 weeks after the scores have posted.

Successful Exam Candidates – Previous Years

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