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Legal Counsel

Legal Division

The Legal Division of the Arkansas Department of Labor handles all legal matters on behalf of the Director, including advising each division on such matters as the interpretation and application of state and federal law. The staff attorneys have the responsibility of reviewing proposed legislation and drafting administrative rules. They also serve as a source of information for the public and other state agencies regarding Arkansas’ labor laws.

Individual wage claims, together with violations of state minimum wage and overtime laws, child labor laws, and prevailing wage laws constitute much of the litigation handled by this division. In addition, court action may be initiated for the enforcement of the state’s safety laws and laws regulating such operations as boilers, elevators, and private employment agencies.

Contact Information

Legal Division:  501-682-4504

Daniel L. Parker, General Counsel/Division of Labor

Lacie M. Kirchner, Managing Attorney/Boards and Commissions

Crystal A. Braden, Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff and Legal

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission: Legal Advisor Division

Toll Free: (800) 250-2511

Local: (501) 682-2707

Severe Weather: Donate to the Arkansas Disaster Relief Program