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Executive Staff

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Cabinet Secretary

Daryl Bassett

Cabinet Secretary

Executive Team

Steve Guntharp

Chief of Staff

Anita Chance

Secretary's Executive Assistant

Ken Anderson

Chief Information Officer

Dan Parker

Chief Legal Counsel

Tyler Cain

Chief Financial Officer

Jocelyn Potter

Human Resources Manager


Patricia White

Director Fire Protection Licensing Board

Phyllis Jacobsen

Director Board of Barber Examiners

Randy Murray

Director Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board

Paul Burnett

Director of Towing and Recovery Board

Shana Bryant

Director Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designer Board

Ralph Hudson

Director of Labor

Tim Montgomery

Director of Public Accountancy

Diana Piechocki

Director State Board of Appraisers, Abstracters, and Home Inspectors

Aaron Howard

Director Manufactured Home Commission

Andrea Alford

Director Real Estate Commission

Boyd Maher

Director State Board of Collection Agencies

David Greenbaum

Director Workers Compensation Commission

Daniel C. Pace

Director Motor Vehicle Commission

Jimmy Lawson

Director Contractors Licensing Board

Heather Richardson

Director Professional Engineers and Surveyors

Kelli Black

Director Auctioneers and Geology Licensing Boards