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OSHA Consultation

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OSHA Consultation

The OSHA Consultation Section is responsible for assisting employers in complying with federal OSHA requirements and reducing work-related injuries and illnesses.

OSHA Consultation Programs are delivered by state governments using highly qualified occupational safety and health professionals to help employers detect potential hazards at their work-site, as well as to establish and maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Through this Program, confidential and free on-site consultation is offered and is largely funded by federal OSHA.

Employed within the OSHA Consultation Section are safety consultants, industrial hygienists, and supervisors who work only with industries and employers that request their help. Small high-hazard industries receive priority for services. Consultants conduct either a partial or complete safety and health survey, as requested by the employer. The consultant also conducts any tests that are required, such as air sampling or checking electrical continuity. Upon completion of the survey and applicable tests, a written report is processed and sent to the employer. The employer is required to correct all serious hazards found by the consultant and notify the section when the corrections have been made.

To request a consultation visit, complete the OSHA Consultation Request Form and fax or mail it to the OSHA Consultation Section.

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