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State Board Of Appraisers, Abstracters, and Home Inspectors

Position Name District/County Term Expiration
Appraiser Member Brian Hester, CR District III, Washington County 4/15/2025
Appraiser Member Scott McKennon, CG District II, Conway County 4/15/2024
Appraiser Member Sara Stephens, CG District II, Pulaski County 4/15/2025
Appraiser Member Daniel Storlie, CR District I, Independence County 4/15/2024
Abstracter Member Jim Pender Pulaski County 4/15/2024
Home Inspector Member Sara Hawkins Lawrence County 4/15/2024
Consumer/Senior Citizen Wally Loveless Pulaski County 4/15/2025
Financial Member Laney Briggs Pulaski County 4/15/2024
Appraiser Member Vacant 4/15/2025
Home Inspector Member Vacant 4/15/2024
Home Inspector Member Vacant 4/15/2025

CG denotes Certified General Appraiser and CR denotes Certified Residential Appraiser


Diana Piechocki, Director

Susan Miller, Business Operations Manager

Suzie Puckett, Executive Assistant to the Director

Devin Parker, Administrative Analyst

Armistead Reasoner, Administrative Specialist III