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Examinations shall include both a practical demonstration and a written and oral test and shall embrace the subject taught in schools of barbering approved by the Board.

  1. Students must complete one thousand five hundred (1,500) hours of training and the hours must be certified by the school to the Board.
  2. Applications to the Board must be made at least ten (10) working days prior to the examination date, on blank forms prepared and furnished by the Board, the application to contain proof under the applicant’s oath of the particular qualifications of the applicants including payment of the required examination fee to the Board as provided by law.
  3. The applicant must furnish to the Board two (2) signed passport photographs, one (1) to accompany the application and one (1) to be returned to applicant to be presented to the Board when applicant appears for examination.

Failure to properly submit a completed application along with set fee and a certification of hours could keep the applicant from participating in the examination.

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