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Practice Review

Practice Review

Exam Information
Exam Information
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2024 Practice Review Survey (PR Survey)

If no reports were issued, click this link and follow the instructions.

If Attest reports were issued, complete the applicable section of the PR Survey (PR Survey Form) and submit it to the Board along with all required documentation, if any. Please note that, according to Board Rule 20, you must grant the Board access to your peer review documents.

This access is granted through your AICPA PRIMA account.

Click on the link below to get to AICPA PRIMA:*/!STANDARD

If Compilation Reports ONLY were issued, complete the applicable section of the PR Survey as well as the appropriate engagement form for each type of compilation engagement (Compilation with Disclosures Form or Compilation Without Disclosures Form). Submit the forms to the Board along with the appropriate fee and a copy of the most recently issued report since your last Practice Review survey or initial licensure for each engagement type.

All documentation can be emailed to

Please note the due date in your 2024 Practice Review notification. Failure to respond timely may result in a disciplinary fine.

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