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How to Become a Registered Home Inspector in Arkansas

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How to Become a Registered Home Inspector in Arkansas

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Out of State Licensure Notice

To ensure registration you must attend a home inspector training school approved by the Board with a curriculum of at least 80 hours of classroom training. Please note: Correspondence, synchronous, or on-line courses are not acceptable.

It is important that you come away from the school with the knowledge needed to successfully complete the competency examination. However, it is much more important, that you come away with knowledge of how to conduct a comprehensive home inspection and write a readily understandable report of your findings.

  1. You may access a list of schools which have been authorized by the Board to teach the “Pre-Registration” curriculum at
  2. Read the Arkansas law regulating the practice of home inspection in Arkansas. You can access this law at: Arkansas Code
  3. Read the Arkansas Standards Of Practice And Code Of Ethics. The Registration Board has designated these as the standards and code of ethics to be followed by Arkansas home inspectors. You can access the Arkansas Standards of Practice at: Standards of Practice
  4. Take the competency examination, which is required by Arkansas Code Annotated 17-52-315(b) has been designated by the Registration Board to consist of two parts: a) The National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE): Information is accessible on the Internet at: and b)The ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Examination: Information is accessible on the Internet at: American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) :: Pearson VUE
  5. Purchase at least $100,000 in general liability insurance coverage. Obtain an original copy of a Certificate of Insurance which includes all of the following information:

    • a. Name and address of the insured (you).
    • b. Name, business address, and telephone number of the local agent from whom you obtained the policy.
    • c. Name of the actual insurance company (the carrier) providing the insurance.
    • d. Coverage being provided (a minimum of $100,000.00 general liability).
    • e. The insurance policy number.
    • f. The “Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board, 900 W. Capitol Ave. Ste. 400, Little Rock, AR 72201” must be named as the certificate holder.
    • g. The beginning AND ending dates of the coverage.
    • h. Signature of the issuing agent.
    • i. Cancellation and notification requirements as specified in Ark. Code §17-52-318(a) & (b), i.e., All policies and certificates shall provide that cancellation or renewal of the policy shall not be effective unless and until at least ten (10) days’ notice of cancellation or non-renewal has been received in writing by the State Board of Appraisers, Abstracters, and Home Inspectors.)

  6. Create an online account and apply registration application form (AP-1). You will need to upload the following documents with your application.

    • a. Pre-registration Education Certificate from a Board-approved educator.
    • b. Certified true copies of documents showing you have successfully completed both parts of the competency examination.

      • National Home Inspector Examination
      • ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Examination

    • c. Certificate of Insurance.
    • d. Credit card or e-check payment.

      • The registration fee is $250.00 per year. However, for applications received between July 1 and December 31, the fee is $375. That registers you for the balance of the year plus the following calendar year.

Failure to provide all required information or upload required documents will delay your registration.

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