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Please complete the Complaint Form in its entirety including your signature and provide documents to uphold your complaint, if possible. It is recommended that you review the current law and rules and regulations, which can also be found on this web site.

Since confidentiality is essential during the investigation of a complaint, please do not attempt to contact Board members during the investigation process. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter, please direct inquiries to our office.

Handling of Complaints:

When our office receives a complaint, a copy is sent to the licensee upon whom the complaint was made and a reply to the Board is requested. All information is reviewed by the Complaint Committee and any other investigation is conducted. At the conclusion of the investigation, a recommendation for action is presented to the entire Board. Action may include a Consent Agreement between the licensee and the Board or a formal disciplinary hearing. Both Consent Agreements and hearings can result in fines, extra continuation education hours, and revocation or suspension of a license. You will be advised of any formal action taken by the Board.

Please note that investigation of a complaint can be a time-consuming process and it may be several months before investigation is completed and a decision is reached.

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