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AOSH (Arkansas Occup. Safety and Health)

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AOSH (Arkansas Occup. Safety and Health)

Arkansas Occupational Safety and Health is responsible for administering Arkansas’ laws dealing with safety and health. Because most private sector employees and employers are covered by the rules of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this section primarily deals with public sector employment. The inspectors investigate complaints, accidents and fatalities in public sector workplaces and check for violations of Arkansas safety and health rules. Employees of the public sector can call in complaints to the AOSH Compliance Section and an inspector may visit the worksite. They are also responsible for enforcing the Public Employees’ Chemical Right to Know Act and the rules issued pursuant to the act.

AOSH conducts routine consultation inspections of public schools, colleges, universities, municipalities, counties, and state agencies free of charge. AOSH inspects amusement rides at county fairs and permanent rides at the state’s various theme parks, and go-kart tracks. They also offer formal training classes, most of which are free of charge, to the public sector on numerous topics such as Public Employees’ Chemical Right to Know, Trenching and Excavation, Bloodborne Pathogens Programs, Respirator Programs and General Safety. The consultants also promote the concept of a “safety culture” by helping to develop, implement and maintain safety and health programs whenever the need arises.

Additional Information

  • Workplace hazardous chemicals above certain quantities (AR Code 12) – PDF
  • Work Near Overhead High Voltage Power Lines and Conductors 
    This form must be completed by any person, firm, or corporation that desires to carry on any work of activity within ten feet (10′) of overhead energized electrical lines or conductors. Ark. Code Ann 11-5-307. The ten feet clearance applies to any part of any machinery, equipment or materials, as well as any employee or person.
  • Public projects involving excavation 
    This form must be completed by any public body (state agency, county, municipality, school district, or other local tax unit or improvement district) awarding a contract for a public construction project which will involve any trench or excavation of five feet (5′) or more. Ark. Code Ann. 22-9-212.
  • Public sector accident/injury reporting form 
    This form must be completed and notification given to the Arkansas Department of Labor within 48 hours for each accident resulting in a fatality, amputation, or when one or more employees are hospitalized.

Contact Information

Mike Watson  – 501-690-5271

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