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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

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Code of Ethics

Section 1 – General Principles

  1. When the geological sciences are practiced as a profession, the privilege of practice requires professional, ethical conduct and professional responsibility, as well as scientific knowledge on the part of the practitioner.
  2. Each Registered Geologist shall be guided by the highest standards of business ethics, personal honor, and professional conduct.
  3. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, candor, fidelity to trust, inviolability of confidence, and honorable conduct are incumbent upon every Registered Geologist, not for submissive observation, but as a set of dynamic principles to guide a way of life.

Section 2 – Relations of Registered Geologists to the Public

  1. A Registered Geologist shall avoid and discourage sensational, exaggerated, and unwarranted statements that might induce participation in unsound enterprises.
  2. A Registered Geologist shall not knowingly permit the publication of his or her reports, maps, or other documents for any unsound or illegitimate undertaking.
  3. A Registered Geologist having or expecting to have beneficial interest in a property on which the Registered Geologist reports must state in the report the fact of the existence of such interest or expected interest.
  4. A Registered Geologist shall not give a professional opinion or submit a report without being as thoroughly informed as might be reasonably expected, considering the purpose for which the opinion or report is requested.
  5. A Registered Geologist shall not engage in false or deceptive advertising, or make false, misleading or deceptive representations or claims in regard to the profession of geology or in regard to others in the practice of the profession of geology, or which concern his or her own professional qualifications or abilities.
  6. A Registered Geologist shall not issue a false statement or false information even though directed to do so by an employer or client.

Section 3 – Relations of Registered Geologists to Employer and Client

  1. A Registered Geologist shall protect, to the fullest possible extent, the interest of an employer or client so far as is consistent with the public safety and the Registered Geologist’s professional obligations and ethics.
  2. A Registered Geologist who finds that obligations to an employer or client conflict with professional standards or ethics should have such objectionable conditions corrected, or resign.
  3. A Registered Geologist shall offer to disclose to a prospective employer or client the existence of any owned or controlled mineral or other interest which may, either directly or indirectly, have a pertinent bearing on such employment.
  4. A Registered Geologist shall not use, directly or indirectly, any employer’s or client’s information in any way which is competitive, adverse or detrimental to the interests of the employer or client.
  5. A Registered Geologist retained by one client shall not accept, without that client’s written consent, an engagement by another if the interests of the two are in any manner conflicting.
  6. A Registered Geologist who has made an investigation for an employer or client shall not seek to profit economically from the information gained, unless written permission to do so is granted, or until it is clear that there can no longer be a conflict of interest with the original employer or client.
  7. A Registered Geologist shall not divulge information given in confidence.
  8. A Registered Geologist shall engage, or advise an employer or client to engage, and cooperate with, other experts and specialists whenever the employer’s or client’s interest would be best served by such service.
  9. A Registered Geologist shall not accept referral fees from another to whom a person is referred; however, nothing herein shall prohibit a Registered Geologist from being compensated for consultation, or for recommending another qualified to perform the service(s) anticipated necessary for the client.
  10. A Registered Geologist shall make an effort to issue professional advice primarily within the Registered Geologist’s expertise. An employer or client shall be notified if any professional advice outside of the Registered Geologist’s expertise is issued.

Section 4 – Relations of Registered Geologists to Each Other

  1. A Registered Geologist shall not falsely or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation or business of another.
  2. A Registered Geologist shall give due credit for work done by others, shall refrain from plagiarism in oral and written communications, and shall not knowingly accept credit due another.
  3. A Registered Geologist who is an employee shall not use his or her employer’s resources for private gain without the prior knowledge and consent of his or her employer.
  4. A Registered Geologist shall endeavor to cooperate with others in the profession and encourage the ethical dissemination of geological knowledge.

Section 5 – Duty to the Institute

  1. Every Registered Geologist of Arkansas shall actively seek to prevent the registration of those who lack moral character, who have not followed these standards of ethics, or who do not have the required education and experience.
  2. It shall be the duty and professional responsibility of every Registered Geologist not only to uphold these standards of ethics by precept and example but also, where necessary, to encourage by counsel and advice to other Registered Geologists, their adherence to such standards.
  3. It shall be the obligation of any Registered Geologist having positive knowledge of a departure from these standards by another Registered Geologist, to bring substantiated evidence of such departure to the attention of the Board of Registration so that it can inform the individual of the problem and suggest compliance with these written standards.
  4. By applying for or by maintaining registration as a Professional Geologist in Arkansas, every Registered Geologist agrees to uphold the ethical standards set out in the Code of Ethics.

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