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Online Searches

Online Searches

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**To perform a Claim Search you must be an INA subscriber.  Once you have subscribed to INA’s premium services, billing per search will be as follows:

If a subscriber searches for a valid social security number, the search may produce more than one claim.  The subscriber may then view one or all of these claims for a single fee of $3.50.

If a subscriber searches for an invalid social security number, the subscriber will then be allowed to search by the claimants last name. Searching by last name may produce multiple claims.  The subscriber will then be billed $3.50 for each claim that is viewed.  This billing method will be used even if a single claimant has multiple entries (i.e. if a last-name-search for Doe produces five claims for a single claimant named John Doe, the subscriber will be billed $3.50 for each of the five claims that are viewed.  If all five are viewed the subscriber will be billed a total of $17.50).

If a subscriber is charged more than 20 individual $3.50 fees for viewing claims during one month, each of the fees over 20 will be discounted to $2.50

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