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The Arkansas State Athletic Commission's rules and regulations, law-definitions, and forms can be downloaded from this location. If there are any features you feel would enhance this site, please contact us by email or by phone at the numbers at the bottom of this page.

Notification For Contestant Blood work Requirement

Licensure and Event Reminders

Test Results Release Form

About Us 

Mission Statement

The Arkansas State Athletic Commission is committed to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of the participants and the public as they are involved in the combative sports regulated by the Commission. The Commission remains committed to fair and even application of the governing statutes and the Rules and Regulations

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Arkansas State Athletic Commission
Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing
900 W Capitol Ave, Suite 400
Little Rock, AR  72201
Phone 501-690-1295
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 Bobby Edmonds - Commissioner Chair
 Daniel Dring - Commissioner Co-Chair
 John Erwin, M.D - Commissioner
 Danielle Hoefer - Commissioner
 Jennifer Sommer - Commissioner

 Vacant - Commissioner

 Vacant - Commissioner

Rules & Regulations 

All licenses expire annually on June 30, as mandated by  Arkansas Ann. Code §  17-22-302(e). 

The State statutes administered and enforced by the Arkansas State Athletic Commission can be found in title 17 of the Arkansas Code. An online version of the Arkansas Code is on the General Assembly’s website.

The forms below require Adobe Reader to view or print. 



The forms below require Adobe Reader to view or print. 

Combative Sports Bout Card Application - PDF 

Combative Sports Event Permit Application - PDF

Federal Professional Boxing ID Application - PDF

National ID MMA Card Application - PDF 

Combative Sports Parental Consent Release - PDF

Combative Sports Combatant License Application - PDF

Combative Sports Non-Combatant License Application - PDF

Combative Sports Medical Report (Pre/Post Bout) - PDF

Combative Sports Surety Bond - PDF

Combative Sports Weigh In & Inspection Report - PDF

Reports & Resources 

2011 Sports Concussion Fact Sheet – PDF
2011 WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency – Full Prohibited Substances List – PDF
Anthony Jones – Preliminary Investigation Report – PDF
Concussion Fact Sheet for Young Athletes – PDF
Concussion Information for Young Athletes – PDF
Concussions – NFL Player Fact Sheet – PDF
Concussions – NFL Sideline Baseline Standardized Test – PDF
Concussions – NFL Sideline Post Injury Standardized Test – PDF
Rhabdomyolysis – University of Iowa Board of Regents Report – PDF