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Register New Collectors

Register New Collectors

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Collectors/solicitors are to be registered within 90 days of the date they were hired.  You must report all collectors/solicitors each year during license renewal but you also must report and pay a registration fee for each new hire in between renewal periods to include them into the future expiration date of your license.  The registration fee is $20.00 for each collector/solicitor.

You may report new hires on an individual basis, on a monthly basis, or on a quarterly basis.  This depends on the size of your agency and how many collectors/solicitors that you employ.

You may register new collectors/solicitors by using the online Registration of New Collectors and Solicitors system, which is payable with a credit card or an electronic check.  The charge for using the online system is 3% of the total amount due plus a $1 fee (which is used in the development and maintenance of the system).

New Collector Online Registration

NOTE: If you are registering more than 25 new collectors, please use the below format to upload them in spreadsheet form during your application.

Bulk Collector Template