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Advisories of the Commission

Advisories of the Commission

This is a collection of notices sent to parties involved in workers’ compensation matters.

Advisories pertain to topics not specifically detailed in rules or statutes: Mileage reimbursement, report cards, court reporters or each year’s indemnity benefits.

They are catalogued by year, then numbered chronologically: Advisory 2000-2, for example, is the second notice of the year 2000.

Advisories which have faded in significance are omitted here.

Some advisories have been updated. Outdated references have been altered to reflect current information.

Questions about advisories may be directed to the AWCC Communications Liaison at, 1-501-682-3930, or 1-800-622-4472.

Advisory Table of Contents

Listed are the current Advisories of the Commission, along with brief information on each one. To view the full text of the advisory, click on the links provided.

Advisory Description of Advisory Date Issued
88-1 Revised AWCC Form W (Wage Statement) 08/15/2001
89-2 Revised Mileage Reimbursement Rates 05/19/2022
89-5 Revised AWCC Form 1 03/01/2008
91-5 Revised Copy Costs, Claim History Searches 02/14/2006
96-1 Revised Managed Care Certification 08/15/2001
97-2 Full Commission Opinions 08/15/2001
98-3 Revised Joint Petition Records, Hearing Exhibits 02/14/2006
2000-1 Revised Compensation Rate Advisory 10/03/2022
2001-1 Certification of Non-Coverage 08/15/2001
2003-1 Form AR-4 Monitoring program 03/01/2008
2003-2 Revised Addition and Withdrawal of Counsel 4/28/2021
2006-1 Fee Schedule Update for Anesthesia 03/08/2006
2007-1 Revised D&PTD Threshold 11/06/2019
2011-1 Form AR-4 Update Reports and Questions Concerning Form Filings 04/25/2011
2011-2 Billing for Provider Services (Rule 30) 12/01/2011
2012-1 Payment Methods for Workers’ Compensation Benefits 12/17/2012