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The original Arkansas Architectural Act and the Arkansas State Board of Architects were established by Act 270 in 1941. Effective July 1, 2009, the Arkansas State Board of Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers (ASBALAID) became a multi-profession regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the examination, registration, education, and professional regulation of architects, landscape architects, and registered interior designers.

Landscape Architects

The Board, originally called the Advisory Committee for the Registration of Landscape Architects, was established in 1976 as called for in the initial Title Act_A.C.A.17-36. This legislation provided for qualified Landscape Architects to become registered and licensed based on a set of minimum requirements as defined in the Act. This law regulated the use of the title Landscape Architect and established a basic framework to protect the health safety and welfare of the public as related to the practice of landscape architecture. In 1995 the existing law was upgraded to a practice act which more clearly defined the practice of landscape architecture and laid the groundwork for the Act which governs the practice today. The Act was recently updated to address many codicils in the old law to allow for such things as Emeritus status, CEU’s, establishment of the Board as opposed to an advisory committee, revised the minimum requirements, expanded the Board to include an Ex Officio position, and many other aspects of the Act and the Rules which provide for better protection of the public and for those practicing landscape architecture in the state of Arkansas.

Interior Designers

The original Arkansas Interior Designers Title Registration Act was passed in 1993.

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