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Rules of the Commission

Rules of the Commission

Laws and Rules Book Supplement

The 2022 edition of The Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated, available from LexisNexis, has been printed.

The softbound, 547-page book (576 including Index) contains the legislative changes from the 2022 General Assembly.

It costs $60 plus a shipping and handling fee.

The complete book features all Workers’ Compensation statutes for the state and also the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission’s rules, forms, and advisories. The LexisNexis lawyer-editor staff has compiled case annotations.

To purchase either the complete package or just the supplement, contact LexisNexis by phone at 800-833-9844, or email You may also purchase online at LexisNexis Online Bookstore.

Rules Table of Contents

Arkansas law allows the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) to make rules and regulations to administer the Workers’ Compensation laws effectively and efficiently.

Currently, the commission has 41 rules covering topics from the location of the AWCC to Electronic Data Interchange.

The rules range from the judicial to the administrative, from safety to medical, from employer duties to employee rights, and from the Commission’s rule-making procedure to deviation from those rules.

Listed below are the current Rules of the Commission, along with brief information on each one. To view the full text of the rule, click on the links provided.

Rule No. Rule Description Current Rule Dated
Rule 099.01 Commission Location & Sessions 03/01/1982
Rule 099.02 Rulemaking Procedure 03/01/1982
Rule 099.03 Carrier Reporting Requirement 01/01/2006
Rule 099.04 Termination of Coverage by Insurance Carrier: Employer to Obtain New Coverage 01/01/2006
Rule 099.05 Self-Insurance Program 01/01/2008
Rule 099.06 Non-Statutory Employers Elective Coverage 04/01/1989
Rule 099.07 Posting Required Notice 03/01/1982
Rule 099.08 Reporting Injuries or Deaths 03/01/1982
Rule 099.09 Weekly Benefit Waiting Period 03/01/1982
Rule 099.10 Separate Check Payment, Attorneys Fees 03/01/1982
Rule 099.11 Jurisdiction, Remands & Mandates 03/01/1982
Rule 099.12 Compensation, Finger Amputation 03/01/1982
Rule 099.13 Commission Hearings & Administrative Law Judges 03/01/1982
Rule 099.14 Physicians Testimony & Reports 03/01/1982
Rule 099.15 Pretrial Conferences 03/01/1982
Rule 099.16 Depositions 03/01/1982
Rule 099.17 Oral Arguments 03/01/1982
Rule 099.18 Filings With the Commission or Appellate Courts 09/20/2001
Rule 099.19 Joint Petition Settlements 04/01/1989
Rule 099.20 Reporting Costs, Transcription Costs, Witness Fees 09/20/2001
Rule 099.21 Treatment at Veterans Hospitals 03/01/1982
Rule 099.22 Replacement of Prosthesis 03/01/1982
Rule 099.23 Deviation From Rules 03/01/1982
Rule 099.24 Second Injury Fund Claims 04/01/1989
Rule 099.25 Scope of Review on Appeal 03/01/1982
Rule 099.26 Conferences with Legal Advisor 09/20/2001
Rule 099.27 Medical Reports 01/01/2008
Rule 099.28 Death/PTD Trust Fund Claims 01/01/2004
Rule 099.29 Designated Claim Office / Administrator / Underwriter 01/01/2008
Rule 099.30 Medical Cost Containment Program (Fee Schedule) 05/15/2000
Rule 099.31 * Accident Prevention Services 01/01/2008
Rule 099.32 * Hazardous Employer Program 01/01/2008
Rule 099.33 Managed Care 01/01/2008
Rule 099.34 Impairment Rating Guide 07/01/1995
Rule 099.35 Electronic Data Interchange Filings 11/20/1995
Rule 099.36 A Voluntary Program for Drug-Free Workplaces 01/01/2008
Rule 099.37 Occupational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 09/20/2001
Rule 099.38 Third Party Administrators 01/01/2006
Rule 099.39 Filing Requirements / Report Cards / Sanctions 01/01/2008
Rule 099.40 Carrier Premium Tax Auditing 07/01/2013
Rule 099.41 Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary 07/01/2018

* Approved Professional Safety Source training offered by the AWCC.

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