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Elevator Inspection and Permits

Elevator Board Members

Secretary Designate

Lindsay M. Moore - Chairman, Director of Code Enforcement

Representing Building Owners and Lessees:

Davesh Sitaram

Representing Elevator Manufacturers:

Richard Riley Jr. Otis Elevator

Representing the Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund:


Representing the Public at Large:

Lawrence Ash

Representing Insurance:

Heath Shearon

Elevator Inspection and Permits

The Elevator Safety division is responsible for witnessing tests, making sure all elevators are in compliance with all applicable codes, issuing permits, elevator inspectors, and issuing certificates of operation for all elevators in the state.

Our mission is to protect the public by establishing safety standards and other rules regarding the installation and operation of elevators and escalators in the state of Arkansas.

This division offers the following services to the public


How often are elevators inspected and by whom?

All passenger elevators, wheelchair lifts, and escalators must be inspected semi-annually, and freight elevators and dumbwaiters inspected annually. These inspections can be done by private sector companies or by the Department of Labor when requested in writing.

What are the reporting requirements for injury accidents?

The owner or operator shall immediately cease to operate any conveyance involved in a fatality or serious physical injury, except to the extent necessary to protect life, limb and property. Such accident shall be reported in writing by the owner or operator within twenty-four (24) hours to the Department of Labor. For the purposes of this requirement, the term “serious physical injury” shall mean any significant injury that requires immediate medical examination or treatment by a licensed physician.

Unless authorized in writing by the department, no conveyance may be operated, altered, repaired, or tampered with, except to protect life, limb and property, following an accident involving a serious injury or death until the department has completed an investigation concerning the accident.

The Owner or operator may use the accident form (ASEB Injury Accident Report) posted above or submit a similar form with the same information as stated on the department form.

Contact Information

For all Elevator related inquiries or submissions, please submit all inquiries and submissions to ADLL.Elevator@arkansas.gov or call 501-682-4538