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New Managers and Supervisors

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New Managers and Supervisors

The OSHA Consultation presents a resource for new managers and supervisors:

Integrating Safety into your New Management Role:

How to Lead Safety from the Top Down

On March 22, 2018, a Managers’ Meeting was initiated by Ralph T. Hudson, Director of the Division of Labor, and Clark Thomas, OSHA Consultation Project Manager of the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing, along with Carlos Reynolds, former Little Rock Area Director, U.S. Department of Labor OSHA. Top level managers with years of experience attended the meeting to contribute their knowledge and advice as the foundation of this publication.

This booklet was designed as a guide in assisting new management to taking steps in developing and maintaining an effective safety and health system. Other information included within discusses reasons to support, budget, and enhance a safety climate, as well as advise from top managers in how they make an effective safety and health program a part of their company’s policies and procedures.

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