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Exam Information
Exam Information
License Instructions

Out of State Licensure Notice

  • To apply for licensure in ArkansasApply for a CPA license 
  • Instructions for applying for a reciprocal licenseReciprocal Licensing Information.
  • Cannot practice accounting, perform taxes, or provide tax or accounting services per Board Rule 13.7 and use CPA-InactiveAffidavit for Inactive Status.
  • Must agree to not perform in any employment capacity to keep your Arkansas certificate and use CPA-Retired per Board Rule 13.8 Affidavit for Retired Status.
  • To change your name with the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy, you will need to complete this form and provide legal documentation as to the changing of your name –Name Change Form.
  • To change the name of your firm with the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy, you will need to complete this form and provide the requested documentation as to the changing of your firm name –Firm Name Change Form.
  • CPA Mobility
  • This form is required to transfer CPA Exam scores or transfer license information to/from another state –Authorization of Interstate Exchange of Exam or Licensure Information
  • If you are on inactive status and would like to upgrade to an Active license to practice, this link will send an email to our Licensing Specialist Upgrade an Inactive status to Active License to Practice.
  • You can change your address at any time by using this link.  By law, all licensees are required to notify the Board within 30 days of the change of address, email address, or employment.  Use this link to provide that notification Address Changes.
  • Click this link to logon to our website to view your last 3 years of CPE for planning purposes View last 3 years of CPE.
  • This link will take you to the online license renewal process.  You can only renew a license at the current status (if you are active, you can renew active – if you are on inactive status,  you can only renew as inactive).  To change your license to a different type of license, please contact the Licensing Specialist with the Board License Renewals.

Surrender, Reinstatement or Re-licensure of a License

Expired Licenses

Pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated (A.C.A) § 17-12-504, all licenses expire on December 31 of each year. If the license is not renewed by the first day of the fourth month after expiration, specifically April 1, shall lapse. The Board may revoke a license after notice and hearing as provided in § 17-12-603.

Reinstatement or Re-Licensure of a License

Individuals wishing to seek reinstatement or re-licensure of the license will be responsible for a reinstatement/re-licensure fee, applicable CPE requirements, and any other applicable requirements for reinstatement or re-licensure of a license as stated in A.C.A. § 17-12-504 and § 17-12-604 and any penalties resulting from violations under A.C.A. § 17-12-601.

If you wish to Reinstate or Re-License please click the appropriate forms.

Surrender a License

If an individual or firm wishes to surrender their license, please submit the applicable form below along with your wall certificate to the Board:

If you have lost your wall certificate, please submit the applicable form below along with your surrender form: