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About AMVC

About AMVC

Board Meeting


Joy Blankenship
Commission Chair

About the Commission Board

The Commission is comprised of nine (9) Commissioners appointed by the Governor of Arkansas. Each Commissioner is appointed to serve seven (7) year terms.

One (1) Commissioner is appointed from each of the four (4) Congressional Districts of the State and five (5) members of the Commission, including the consumer and the representative of the elderly, are appointed from the state at large. Four (4) members of the Commission are licensees or are qualified as licensees at the time of their appointment. Five (5) members of the Commission are appointed from the public at large, including the consumer representatives and the representative of the elderly.

No more than four (4) members of the Commission will be licensees under this chapter or have any financial interest in, or be an officer or an employee of, a licensee of this chapter, and at least one (1) of them will be licensed as a dealer of franchise motorcycles.

Commissioners appointed to the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission are:

Chair: Joy Blankenship, a consumer representative, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Vice Chair:
Commissioners: Mr. Duane Neal, a consumer representative, Bentonville, AR
Mr. Jimmy Jones, a consumer representative, Fordyce, Arkansas
Mr. Clay Maxey, a dealer representative, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Vacant –  consumer representative, Arkansas
Mr. Jeff Baskin, a consumer representative, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mr. Rick Whitten, a dealer representative, Gentry, Arkansas
Mr. Michael Moix, a dealer representative, Conway, Arkansas
Mr. Scott Wood, a dealer representative, Batesville, Arkansas

The Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission was created by ACT 388 of 1975 for the purpose of licensing and regulation of the New Motor Vehicle industry in Arkansas. This Act encompasses the Manufacturers, Distributors, Manufacturer and Distributor Representatives, New Motor Vehicle Dealers, Lessors as well as Management, Finance and Sales Personnel. The Commission’s primary and legislative functions are as follows: To prevent unfair practices, discrimination and impositions upon citizens of Arkansas; Avoid undue control of the independent motor vehicle dealer by manufacturing and distributing organizations; Foster and keep alive vigorous and healthy competition; Prevent monopolies; Prevent the practice of requiring special features; Prevent false and misleading advertising; To promote a sound system of distribution of motor vehicles to the public, and; to Promote public safety and welfare.

The Commission’s revenue and budget is derived solely by license fees assessed to those in the new motor vehicle industry. The Commission strives to provide exceptional service through a knowledgeable staff instilled with integrity, enthusiasm and respect. Our services to licensees and citizens of Arkansas are free of charge.

Director: Mr. Daniel Pace
Human Resources Agency Fiscal Manager:
Licensing Supervisor: Ms. Alexus Dunlap
Administrative Specialist III:
Investigator: Ms. Margie Sexton
Investigator: Mr. John Aquilino