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  • What are the board’s code of ethics?

       The Board’s Code of Ethics

  • What are the board’s rules and regulations?

       The Board’s Rules and Regulations

  • How can I file a complaint with the Board?

        File A Complaint Form

  • Can a license be endorsed from another state?

  Verification Of Licensure Form for purpose of endorsement from another state. Presently, Arkansas has no reciprocity with any state. Arkansas has an Understanding of Comity Agreement with Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana.

  • How often is the roster updated?  

        The roster is updated bi-annually online and a hard copy is available by       request only.

         On-line Directory Roster Search

  • What are the cost of registration renewals?

      Registration renewals ($60 annually) are sent out from the Board in May. After July 1, the renewal plus late penalty is $90. After December 31, the individual must petition the Board for reinstatement.

  • When is the ASBOG exam given?

The two part examination is offered twice a year.

Years 2019 2020 2021 2022
Spring Exam Date March 15 March 20 March 19 March 18
Fall Exam Date October 4 October 2 October 1 September 30

  • What is the cost of the ASBOG exam?

The cost of the Fundamentals part is $200.00. The cost of the Practice part is $250.00.

  • Where can I get additional information regarding the ASBOG exam?

 Visit the National Association of State Boards of Geology for additional information concerning registration of geologists in the United States and to view a copy of the Study Guide.

  • Can I apply for licensure using grandfather provisions?

   Our rules state that applications under the “Grandfather Clause” ceased on May 1, 1989. However, applicants who have grandfathered in a state that has a current comity agreement with the Arkansas Board may be considered for licensure on a case-by-case basis without having to take the ASBOG exam.

  • In what form should I provide my ASBOG scores?

1) A copy of the score report provided to the applicant from ASBOG
2) Scores sent directly from ASBOG to the Board.
The Board will not accept ASBOG scores as reported by a licensing Board in another state.