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James D. “Jimmy” Lawson Hired as New Director for Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board


Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing (ADLL) – Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board (ACLB) is proud to introduce James D. “Jimmy” Lawson as its newly appointed Executive Director, succeeding long-time Director Greg Crow.

As Executive Director of the ACLB, Mr. Lawson will be responsible for supervising and managing the Contractors Licensing Board’s day-to-day functions. Currently comprised of a team of 14 individuals, including four full-time investigators, the Board will benefit from Mr. Lawson’s guidance. Additionally, he will serve as a vital link between the Board and the Secretary of the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing (ADLL), ensuring a continuous flow of information regarding the Board’s endeavors. The Board operates through a Commercial Committee and a Residential Committee, each convening monthly for hearings and general affairs specific to their respective areas. Mr. Lawson will play a pivotal role in formulating agendas for these meetings.

Upon assuming this role, Lawson stated, “With 38 years of experience as a practicing attorney representing contractors and stakeholders in the construction domain, I have come to have tremendous respect for our Contractors Licensing Board and its important role. The Board’s commitment to upholding our state’s contracting laws and fostering positive industry growth has always impressed me. As Director, I aim to maintain the Board’s integrity and efficacy while exploring avenues to enhance its efficiency and reduce bureaucratic obstacles, for the mutual benefit of property owners and contractors.”

The ACLB is pleased that Mr. Lawson’s extensive background equips him to be an exceptional leader for the Board. The Department looks forward to many years of collaborative work with Mr. Lawson and further solidifying the Board’s dedication to maintaining the utmost standards of professionalism and integrity. 

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