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Division of Labor Inspectors to Support Tornado Recovery in Wynne, Arkansas


Division Of Labor Inspectors to Support Tornado Recovery in Wynne, Arkansas

Little Rock, ArkansasThe Arkansas Department of
Labor and Licensing (ADLL)
is sending two inspectors from the Division of Labor to Wynne, Arkansas to support the recovery efforts from last week’s devastating tornado. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
, working with INSPARK, has requested 20 volunteers working day shifts to inspect homes and ensure they are safe for re-entry.



Secretary Daryl Bassett stated, “The devastating tornado that struck Wynne has left many families in need of support. I am grateful for the dedication and expertise of the ADLL team and the volunteers working tirelessly to help the community recover.”

The inspectors from the Division of Labor have extensive experience assessing the safety of buildings and homes, and their expertise will be invaluable to affected areas. They will work closely with local officials and emergency responders to assess the damage and identify any potential hazards that may need to be addressed before residents can safely return home. 

Bassett added, “The safety and well-being of all those affected by this disaster is our top priority, and we will continue to support the recovery efforts. We stand with the people of Wynne during this difficult time and are
committed to working together to rebuild and recover.”

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