About Us

The Arkansas Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board provides licensing and regulation of Professional Bail Bonding Companies and Professional Bail Bondsmen in our state. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of open communication and unbiased regulation to ensure professionalism among bail bonding companies and bail bondsmen in Arkansas.

Agency History

Act 500 of 1993 created the Professional Bail Bonds Company and Professional Bail Bondsman Licensing Board (the Board) to regulate the bail bonding industry in Arkansas. Regulation of the bail bonding industry had previously been vested in the Commissioner of Insurance and the Department of Insurance for the State of Arkansas.


To educate, license and regulate the professional bail bonding companies and professional bail bondsmen in the State of Arkansas. The Board’s goal is to provide quality education, responsible licensing and unbiased regulation to ensure professionalism in the bail bonding industry for the citizens of the State of Arkansas.

Statutory Responsibility

Act 500 provided this Board with the authority and responsibility of administering and enforcing the provisions of Arkansas Code Title 17, Chapter 19. The Board was given the authority to adopt and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations as it shall determine are necessary to enable the effective and efficient administration of its official duty of licensing and regulating professional bail bond companies and professional bail bondsmen.

Primary Activities

  1. Determine whether those who apply for an Arkansas Bail Bond Company License qualify.
  2. Administer the Professional Bail Bondsman Examination weekly.
  3. License those who pass the examination and otherwise qualify.
  4. Annually issue renewal licenses to all qualified bail bondsmen and bail bond companies.
  5. Conduct investigations into violations of Statutes and Rules & Regulations based on complaints and /or information received.
  6. Conduct hearings and take disciplinary action where appropriate.
  7. Monitor mandatory continuing professional education for professional bail bondsmen who hold a valid Arkansas License.