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Safety Award Program

Safety Award Program

The Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing, Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission and Arkansas Insurance Department are pleased to introduce the Safety Award Program. Please read the guidelines and the criteria for each award carefully to determine if your company qualifies.

Please allow at least three (3) weeks for processing.


  • Companies do not qualify for a safety award if they have been classified as a Rule 32 program employer.
  • Awards should not be applied for if the status of an injury/illness remains in question.
  • Companies are encouraged to apply for their award within 45 days after satisfying the requirements.
  • Companies will not be eligible to receive the same or lesser award within the same year.
  • Companies that opt to apply for the Accumulative Years Award will not be eligible for the Million Work Hour Award.
  • The company must have an effective safety and health program.
  • Companies must have reached the required qualifications before applying for their award.

Million Work Hour Award


The Million Work Hour Award is designed for employers that work the respective number of million work hours without a lost day away from work.

Accumulative Years Safety Award


  • Accumulative Years Safety Award is designed for small employers that work years without a lost day away from work, and are unable to reach the Million Work Hour Award.
  • A plaque may be requested at any point when the accumulative years requirement has been satisfied.

The following are the designated number of years the employer must satisfy to quality for an award.

1 – 5 years…..plaque equal to the one million work hour award
6 – 10 years….plaque equal to the two million work hour award
11 – 15 years….plaque equal to the three million work hour award
16 – 20 years….plaque equal to the four million work hour award
21 – 25 years….plaque equal to the five million work hour award
26 – 30 years….plaque equal to the six million work hour award
31 – 40 years…plaque equal to the seven million work hour award

Meritorious Service Award

  • The Meritorious Service Award is presented to individuals who have assisted others by performing a life saving act.


  • Must have made a valiant effort to save or attempt to save another individuals life.
  • The act must be performed in Arkansas.
  • Supporting proof of action must accompany the application.

NOTE: This award is not presented to individuals employed by the fire department, ambulance service, police, rescue organization(s), or other public service personnel, when the life-saving act is performed during their normal working hours or the performance is within their job description.

Safety Award Questionnaire

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