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Prevailing Wage Laws and Regulations

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The Labor Standards Division enforces laws related to prevailing wage. Arkansas’s prevailing wage law is commonly referred to as the "little Davis-Bacon Act." The law requires the division to issue a wage determination for each public works project where the cost of all labor and materials exceeds $75,000. Exemptions are public school construction; work done for or by any drainage, improvement, or levee district; highway, road, street or bridge construction and maintenance, or related work contracted for or performed by incorporated towns, cities, counties, or the Arkansas Highway Department.

The wage determinations issued by the division establish the minimum wages for laborers and mechanics employed on public works projects, thus assuring fairer bidding among contractors, fair wages for skilled craftsmen, and quality construction for the public. Annual wage surveys are conducted in order to keep these determinations current. The division conducts surveys for both building and heavy construction.

The Labor Standards Division is responsible for the annual prevailing wage survey and disposition of prevailing wage claims.

Annual wage surveys conducted by the Labor Standards Division determine the hourly prevailing wage rates paid to building and construction tradesmen performing work on public works projects within the state. Employee claims for unpaid wages for workers employed on construction projects covered by the state's prevailing wage law are also processed by this division. Prevailing Wage survey form.

If you are or were employed on a project subject to the prevailing wage laws and believe you were not paid correctly, you may file a claim.

If you are engaged in a project that is subject to prevailing wage laws, and need a rate determination, click here.

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