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OSHA Consultation

The Safety Division, OSHA Consultation Division is responsible for assisting employers in complying with federal OSHA requirements and reducing work-related injuries and illnesses.

The division employs safety consultants, industrial hygienists, and supervisors who work only with industries and employers who request their help. Small high-hazard industries receive priority for services.

Consultants conduct either a partial or complete safety and health survey, as requested by the employer. The consultant also conducts any tests that are required, such as air sampling or checking electrical continuity. Upon completion of the survey and applicable tests, a written report is processed and sent to the employer. The employer is then required to correct all serious hazards found by the consultant and notify the division when the corrections have been made. To request a consultation visit, copy the OSHA Consultation Request Form and fax or mail it to our OSHA Consultation Division, or call our office for assistance.

Amputation Prevention

In response to the alarming number of amputations in the United States as well as the National Emphasis Program, the Arkansas Department of Labor/OSHA Consultation in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor/OHSA and the SHARP/VPP Association developed the Amputation Prevention Information Booklet. This booklet is designed to be an aid for front-line supervisors and/or lead persons to assist them in communicating to the workforce on how to recognize and eliminate potential amputation probabilities in the workplace. There are seven different Amputation Prevention Information Booklets: Construction/Public Sector, General Industry I & II, Grain Handling, Die Casting/Metal Fabrication, Poultry, and Sawmills/Woodworking.


How to use your booklet:

The booklet is intended to assist with conducting one-on-one training or group training concerning amputations. During the training, the instructor should communicate the following:

  • Identify the equipment
  • Identify body parts that may be amputated by that piece of equipment
  • Amputation preventive measures
  • The usage or non-usage of gloves or other personal protective equipment that may assist in amputation prevention
  • The need for development and use of lockout/tagout procedures
  • Provide specific talking points for discussion of amputation concerns
  • Identify preventive tools and/or devices that can be used to prevent bodily injury while working with specific machines.

Please fill out and fax, mail, or e-mail this Booklet Order Form if you wish to have your own Amputation Prevention Information Booklet. 

Amputation Stand Down Information 

2017 Amputation Kick Off Poster

2017 Amputation Stand Down Poster 

General Stand Down Information   
Suggestions to prepare for a successful stand down   
Amputation Stand Down Training and Inspecting Guide

Requests for Free Consultation Services 

OSHA Consultation Request Form
Nearly 30,000 Employers Used OSHA's On-Site Consultation Program in 2015

The On-Site Consultation Program is a free and confidential consultation service largely funded by Federal OSHA. The On-site consultation is delivered by state governments using highly qualified occupational safety and health professionals to help employers detect potential hazards at their work-site, establish, and maintain a safe and healthful workplace. SHARP is a exemption and recognition program, administered by the Consultation Program.

SHARP - Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

OSHA Standards

OSHA General Industry Standards
OSHA Construction Standards

Other Services

Temporary Employees' Booklet - *English*   and Temporary Employees' Booklet - *Spanish*
Sample Safety and Health Programs
Safety and Health Brochures
Teen Safety
Safety DVDs

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